The LX National QSL Bureau

The official LX National QSL Bureau is provided by the RL (Radioamateurs du Luxembourg), a founding member of the IARU



Incoming cards for amateur radio operators are made available based on IARU resolution 85-9 concerning QSL bureaus. All LX amateur radio operators, member or not of the RL, can get their QSL Cards via the RL QSL bureau.

We want to inform our members that the address of the RL QSL Bureau is still the same, and that IARU Member Societies will continue to send their cards to our bureau. RL members have, as accustomed, the possibility to fetch or hand in their cards twice per month, namely during the monthly meeting in Peppange and at the club evening in Eisenborn. Non-members can, as decided during the general assembly of March 2014, request their cards by paying a small participation fee.


Radioamateurs du Luxembourg (RL)
P.O.Box 1352
L-1013 Luxembourg Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Europe)


Operation rules of the RL QSL service

  • The incoming QSL service is free for every RL member for all his personal call-signs (for LX and non-LX calls).
  • The outgoing QSL service is free for every RL member for his main call-sign with which he is registered at the RL member database. For every additional personal call-sign for which he wants to send QSL cards via the bureau, half the cost of a membership contribution is due.
  • The incoming service for licenced amateur radio operators which are not a member of the RL is based on the recommendation of the IARU Resolution 85-9. The service is therefore offered in a cost-covering way: every non-member may request twice per year to get his QSL cards sent by mail to the address of his station. It is not possible to collect the cards personally from the QSL bureau. The fees charged to every non-member per request are composed of the packaging and the postage costs, with an added 23.5% of this amount to cover administrative, logistics and storage costs, and in order to participate to the global costs of the QSL service.
  • No outgoing service is provided for non-Members.

RL members can drop and retrieve their QSL cards at the monthly Club-Evening in Eisenborn. Members that cannot retrieve their cards for a longer period (for example due to mobility problems) may contact the QSL manager to find an adapted solution. School and JOTA stations can use the bureau free of charge.